A folding gate is one that doesn’t swing open but folds instead. A folding gate is ideal for garages that have limited space. It is also perfect if you want to make the most of the space around the gate. Most of the folding gates available in the market are in the shape of bi-fold gates. Multiple-folding gates called accordion gates are the other kind of gates you may choose to install in your garage.

Bi-fold gates are very common and can be found in several homes. They are great for garages that aren’t big enough to accommodate a regular-sized gate. These kinds of gates are seen in pantries and closets as well, thanks to their substantial size.

A hinge is used to attach two narrow gates at the centre, and bi-fold gates are installed on a track that allows them to easily slide open. When the gate is opened, you can fold both the sides along the joints before sliding them over to either side. Bi-fold gates can be used in twos as well. Two bi-fold gates can be placed side by side on the same track, and once you open the gates, each side folds open, and slides along either side.

Accordion gates, or multi-folding gates as they are also known, fold similar to their bi-fold counterparts. However, these gates have several panels that bend together similar to an accordion. Owing to the unique design, accordion gates use lesser space as compared to bi-fold gates. The thin materials used in constructing these gates make them ideal for all kinds of garages, big or small. You may either choose to install your accordion gate onto a track or install it in a manner such that it rolls from one end to the other.

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