Commercial Garage Door Openers

Among the biggest moving objects in a parking space are garage door openers. Most of the ones available in the market are both remotely and automatically activated. The most popular garage door openers are the ones which have a button or switch on the wall inside the garage. A press of the button will open the garage door from inside. Automatic doors, on the other hand, are constructed with either metal or wood paneling, and the panels have wheels on both sides.

Most commercial garage door openers sense the car approaching the garage door. Some garages have rollover sensors embedded in the ground, and they detect a vehicle when it rolls over the sensor, thereby activating the opening or closing of a garage door. The most advanced kind of door openers is the one that is available in the form of keychain remotes. You can just press a button on the remote when you want to open or shut a garage door.

Commercial garage door openers can be found in hardware stores. Electronic openers can be purchased with the open switch and remote included. Springs, wheels, tracks and door paneling are usually present in these openers. The best features you must look for in a garage door opener is a light that illuminates the garage as soon as the door opens, and remains lit until the door is closed. Having a feature like remote lockout will keep your garage door locked when you’re on holiday. Wireless keypads also form part of interesting options for you to assess.

Some of the newer models that you find in the market come with options to open or close your garage door using an application on your phone. Another fantastic option is wireless fingerprint detector. Doors with this technology will open and close when you put your fingerprint on it.


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