Protect Your Garage Doors from Wind

It is very important to protect your home and the garage doors from heavy winds, storms, and hurricanes. This helps you protect your vehicles and other household items stored in the garage. Many of us have little or no idea that our homes are at risk due to a faulty design and poorly fixed garages.

Check your Garage Door

A garage door is one of the most commonly affected parts of a house that can be destroyed by heavy winds. It often happens before you know it. Protect the garage doors with tie-ropes. Use B pillars to for extra support.

Trim Down Tall Trees and Reinforce your Garage Doors

Winds and hurricanes can sweep off trees toward your home. Cut down the trees or the branches that may possibly harm your house in the event of such disasters. In some houses, garage door beams take 70% of the weight of the structure. Reinforcing the garage door could help in protecting not only the garage but the contents as well.

Replacement of weaker or damaged doors is strongly recommended. Do not go in for glass panels or doors with the garage doors as they are the ones that get damaged first. Incase you do, go in for a tough-end, 16-mm glass, which do not break easily.

Get an Inspection Done by a Professional

To avoid damages caused due to strong winds, get your garage doors inspected by a professional. This will not only help safeguard your home but also enable you to prevent such unforeseen events. An inspection can also tell you if the door is damaged or is found to be old and it can always be replaced with a stronger door system.

Shutter Systems

There are options to protect the garage with a shuttering system. These shutters must meet the following conditions:

  • Approved wind resistance
  • Impact resistance

The shutters are to be installed as per the instructions laid out by the manufacturers. Such permanent styled shutters could prove to be very effective. Use of temporary plywood or panel shutters made out of metal, on the other hand, is not wise as these are not nearly as strong. Proper bracing for the bigger openings can be challenging and if not built to last enough, the shutters could fail to protect your garage door.

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