High Traffic Roll Up Doors

High traffic roll up doors are used in areas where there is a high density of movement, such as loading bays, distribution centers, and cold storage. These doors have replaced conventional shutters in the recent years as they provide increased safety and are extremely easy to use as well.

Materials used to make high traffic roll up doors

High traffic roll up doors are made from a variety of materials. In most cases the materials used to make these doors are used in balanced quantities to ensure that the door is light enough to be lifted easily. However, even though the doors are made from varying materials, all roll ups doors have an automated motor and an aluminum roll bar that the door is rolled up against.

Essentially, the materials used should be light in weight and durable. This will help reduce the energy used by the motor to raise the door, and will help keep the traffic in check. However, many people prefer steel roll up doors, as they feel they are a safer option, when compared to lighter door. In these cases, where the doors are made using heavier materials such as steel, the door is hinged at particular lengths. This enables the gate to rise up easily, despite being heavy in weight. Additionally, in some cases, the steel is perforated as well. These perforations provide room for ventilation, thus easing out the weight of the door.

Aside from steel, these doors are made using polymers or other durable fabrics. These doors are specifically used in cold storage areas. In a cold storage area, roll up doors are used for security and need to act as an insulating factor. Durable fabrics help act as insulating materials and are light in weight, so they are used to make high traffic roll up doors for cold storage areas.

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