Taking Care of Your Garage in Winter

The winter can give you a hard time if you’re not prepared for it. Your garage also needs to be prepared for the harsh conditions and wide variables of the season. It needs protection against any damages that may be caused due to tricky weather conditions or leaks. Since garages are among the most commonly used spaces in your home, it is essential to protect them against rain and snow. Don’t wait till the temperature drops to 25 degrees or for a storm to start preparing your garage for the winter. This may just add up issues that will require a long time to be fixed.

The door of your garage is made of metal or wood, and both the materials are prone to damage during winter months. The moving parts of the door are usually made from metal, and damp winter conditions often make them vulnerable to grime and rust build up. Your garage door may be subject to permanent damages or malfunctions at least over time. Prevention is better than cure, they say, and your garage can prevent these issues before they are created. Visual inspections must be carried out before the winter season begins so as to check the moving parts of your garage including springs, brackets, rollers and tracks. Proper lubrication will keep the doors working optimally and keep rust and other damages at bay.

The roof of your garage will also require attention during the winter. It must be inspected for signs of leaks and other water damage on a regular basis. Any leaks you find must be repaired immediately as prolonged exposure to winter conditions may lead to structural issues. Faucets and pipes that are exposed to winter temperatures may lead to costly repairs. You can easily avoid the situation by insulating all the pipes that are exposed, especially those through which there is consistent water flow.

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